Spicy Food All Around The World


Spicy food has quickly become the top of the menu. The most delicious dishes have their origins in Indian, Japanese, Chinese an Malaysian cuisines, famous for their hot spicy food. Besides its exquisite taste, spicy food has medical properties, killing microbes and burning calories. Stimulating cardiovascular system and being a good aphrodisiac, spicy food makes you feel hot, while the sensation of pain from fiery spices releases endorphins which makes you feel high. According to spicy food history our distant ancestors discovered spice advantages around 7000 BC and used it both in food and in religious rituals. Today spices also serve for food preservation, cosmetics and perfumery.

As people like to celebrate, their love for spicy food give them the occasion for various holidays like the International Spicy Food Day and the National Fiery Foods Show in the USA. Started in 1989 in Woodstock, the show served as a hot sauce parade, presenting new brands. Some of them – like Dave’s insanity sauce – were even banned for being too fiery. In order to prevent the conflagration hot sauce manufacturers place on the containers warnings like “must be diluted before used” or “for use as an additive, not for direct consumption”. Thus before tasting Blair Lazar’s sauce a customer has to sign a legal waiver. Actually the names of some sauces added in spicy food speak for themselves, for example Death Sauce or Ass Kicking Sauce. Some people like collecting pungent sauces, competing in whose sauce is the hottest and the most scarce.

There are even an international organization which explores such a common ingredient of spicy food like chili – The Chile Pepper Institute. Established in 1992 the Institute conducts extended studies of Capsicum, produces annual conferences and cultivates Capsicum wild species. And very soon we will know everything about chilies and spicy food.

Spend a wonderful afternoon or evening playing fun cooking games. Cook your favorite dishes without worrying about making a mess. Learn how to cook a turkey or run a cafeteria. You can even bake a cake and touch it up with your favorite toppings. If you are on a diet, go ahead learn how to make some gorgeous looking salad to make it all out healthy and yummy for yourself.

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