Hot Spicy Food For Cool Machos

From time immemorial men had a great many ways to express their unique virility, their unexampled courage and natural charm. First it was their strong muscles and bravery while hunting, then – as the feudal society was developing – their money, afterwards, at the age of technical progress – their intelligence. But who, in what epoch thought that the main criterion of men’s attraction could be… spicy food?

Nowadays a man willing to be treated like a macho eats spices in terrifying quantity, or, at least, is pretending to. According to Domino’s Pizza survey, five million British men exaggerate the amount of spicy food they take. What, or maybe who, makes them lie? The answer suggests itself: they want to make a deep impression on their girlfriends. Otherwise how can you explain the fact that most of the visitors of spicy food restaurants are young couples? They come, hand in hand, order some breathtaking chili dish, turn pale, turn red and vice versa, but don’t give up and repeat the order.

The owners of popular spicy food restaurants assert that the chili phenomenon lies in men’s competitive spirit. Psychologists share this point of view, adding that it is our evolutionary past which is to blame. During many centuries man had to be enduring, able to resist all the dangers. But today when wild unexplored nature poses no hazard to life, in order to remain true to themselves, men have to create different other dangers, like eating extra spicy food for instance.

As for biologists, they have their own opinion. These scientists think that the consumption of spicy dishes provokes pain signal which influences the brain and releases the so-called “hormones of happiness” – endorphins. The effect lasts up to seven hours and, with no doubt, once having experienced it, one wants to go through it again and again. According to this statement all chili-lovers can be considered as intoxicated, and spicy food must be outlawed like drugs.

Still it hasn’t happened, and men all over the world enjoy spicy food, following the contradictory formula: the hotter the dish is – the cooler the man seems.


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